There have been several important new developments with the Xert Workout Player with the release of version 2.0.

1. Support for Smart Trainers Configured on Your Garmin

Previously, in order for trainer control to work with your smart trainer you could not have it configured (selected) as a sensor on your Garmin; instead, you needed to have it configured in the Xert Workout Player app. With Version 2.0, you can configure (select) the sensor on your Garmin, and the Workout Player will use it as a smart trainer. Note that there are some important considerations:

  1. You will need to configure your trainer’s power, cadence and speed sensors (as needed), each separately, on your Garmin (not in the Xert Workout Player).
  2. Power, cadence and speed data will be correctly stored in the FIT file generated. NOTE: to have this data appear in your Garmin Connect, Strava, and Xert activities list, you must configure your trainer on your Garmin – in its native settings – not in the Xert Workout Player app on your Garmin.
  3. Powermatch will only function when you have a separate power meter (crank, pedal or hub based, for example) and it is configured in the Xert Workout Player app, not in your Garmin’s list of sensors in its native settings. NOTE: when using Powermatch you will not receive speed and distance information from your trainer, nor will it appear in your Garmin Connect, Strava, or Xert activity summaries. This is because by using Powermatch, you’re telling the system to read the information from your pedals/hub/crank power meter, not your trainer.

To ensure the data is stored correctly per #2 above, if you are using the Xert Workout Player with a smart trainer and are NOT using a separate power meter for Powermatch, you should configure your smart trainer as a sensor on your Garmin (not in the Xert Workout Player app). This will allow the power, cadence and speed data from the trainer to be stored in the .FIT file generated by your Garmin, and to be properly recognized by Garmin Connect and Strava, for example, if the workout file is sent to either of those services.

To configure your smart trainer if you do not have a separate power meter…

For Edge 520/820:

  1. On your Garmin go to ‘Settings’
  2. Select ‘Sensors’
  3. Search for and select your smart trainer. You may need to select ‘Add Sensor’ and press ‘Search All’ or ‘Indoor Trainer’

For Edge 1030:

  1. Select Training > Indoor Trainer > Pair ANT+ Bike Trainer.
  2. Select the indoor trainer to pair with your device.
  3. Select Add.

In order to use Powermatch you will need to remove your smart trainer from the sensors menu on your Garmin, and configure it in the Xert Workout Player app.   

To enable Powermatch…

For Edge 520/820/1000:

  1. Remove your smart trainer on your Garmin by navigating to Settings > Sensors > select your smart trainer > select ‘Remove’ and confirm;
  2. Open the Xert Workout Player app and a workout (press the Start/Stop button on your Garmin, and select Start Later);
  3. Open the Trainer Control page (‘back’ button on Edge 820/1000/1030, bottom right button on Edge 520) and press “Select”.
  4. Once your trainer has been found, select it.
  5. Make sure Powermatch is set to ‘ON’ by bringing up the Options screen (tap screen on 820/1000/1030, top right button on 520), select Powermatch, and select ‘ON’.
  6. If you’d like to begin your workout now, press the Start/Stop button on your Garmin and select ‘Start Workout’. If you choose to discard the activity your settings will continue to be saved.

For Edge 1030:

  1. Remove your smart trainer on your Garmin by navigating to Training > Indoor Trainer. Select your indoor trainer already paired with your device and press ‘Remove’ and confirm.
  2. Follow steps steps 2 – 6 above in the Xert Workout Player app to set up Powermatch.

2. Improved Smart Trainer Performance If You Stop Pedalling

Previously, when you had to stop pedaling in the middle of an interval it was difficult to pedal back up to the target power with some trainers. In this latest release the return to target power from a stop has been greatly improved.

3. New Workout Intensity Adjustment

On the previous version of the app, the up/down buttons (Edge 520) and left/right screen swipes (Edge 820, 1000, 1030) could adjust the current interval only (i.e. you could only increase/decrease the wattage of one interval at a time). With version 2.0, the up/down button (520) or left/right screen swipe (820/1000/1030) will adjust the intensity for the entire workout. A single swipe will increase or decrease the target power by +/- 1%, and bring up a screen to increase/decrease intensity further with a tap of the up/down arrows.

Note that adjustments apply to your Fitness Signature’s calculation of target power so that dynamically-controlled intervals (SMART Workouts) will also work correctly. A reduction of 2%, for example, reduces your target power accordingly as well as any Target MPA-based intervals and XSSR-based intervals.