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Xert and Bioshift – A History

A Brief History of Our Research – Xert and Bioshift

Many of you are likely wondering: “How do Xert and Bioshift relate?  They seem so different.”

To answer that question, we turn to another seemingly disparate topic: Heart-rate data and analysis.

About four years ago, our research began by examining power and heart-rate […]

Your Fitness Signature

Measuring Fitness

Each person possesses a unique level of fitness for a given physical activity. Different activities possess different measures of fitness. Fitness for weight-lifting, for example, is measured by the amount of weight one is able to lift. Alternatively, success in sports such running, swimming and cycling are primarily determined by how fast one […]

MPA™ – Maximal Power Available

What is Maximal Power Available?

Maximal Power Available (MPA™) is a measurement of the maximal power that can be produced by an athlete for a given exercise, factoring in fatigue. Simply, MPA establishes at every given instant, how much power you have.  It is a concept that is well understood by sport scientists and coaches […]

Designing Workouts with MPA

Workout Design

Assigning workouts, for many, is considered an art more than a science.  Given the number of variables that need to be accounted for, coaches and sports scientists combine scientific research, home-grown tools, coaching systems, and software in deciding on what workout to prescribe for an athlete at a given […]

Xert’s Work Allocation Ratios

Dissecting Power Data

With the knowledge of MPA and fitness signatures in hand, we can now start to examine how power is generated.  That is, we can look to determine to what degree your individual fitness signature parameters impact your power.

When examining a power-duration relationship, an athlete’s […]

Using Xert to Test Your Fitness

Fitness Testing

Most athletes dread test days.  These are the days in your training plan where you test your fitness to see where you stand: “Am I improving?”, “Do I need to change to workout targets?”.  They are dreaded because they require a lot of motivation.  Your FTP can fluctuate 30-40 watts during […]

How Xert Works

Understanding Fitness Signatures

Fitness Signature

Your fitness signature and how it changes over time, is the foundation of Xert.  Xert uses your fitness signature data in a variety of ways:

  1. Tracks how it changes over time.  This is referred to as your Progression.
  2. It […]

A Paradigm Shift in Training

From Zones to Strain and Focus

Zones have been a long-standing method of prescribing training.  Whether they are based on heart-rate or power, they are the staple of any training program.  When used for training with power, they are often defined relative to your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and, depending on […]

Fitness Prediction and Potential

The Next Generation in Impulse Response Modeling

With our success helping athletes answer the question: “What’s my fitness?”, we set our sights on answering the question “What will my fitness be?”.  Answering this question is difficult, since it requires a prediction of what is going to happen to your fitness based on […]

Using Xert to Get Faster Than Ever

What Xert Tells Us About How to Train During the Off-Season

As many of you will be training during the off-season to try and reach new highs, it would be interesting to examine what the data has told us on how to train over the winter, after analyzing hundreds of thousands of activities.

In Xert, […]

How Tough Are You?

Hardness as a New Athletic Measurement

When we introduced Smart Workouts, we introduced a completely new way to train.  Rather than training at a given intensity, smart workouts have you training at a given level of strain.  What this means is that smart workouts never get too hard.  They are […]

Using Xert to Evaluate your Cycling

Advanced Data Analysis with Xert

New ideas and concepts continue to come to the forefront on how to apply Xert’s revolutionary concepts.  Xert’s methods to analyze power data and discover new insights into fitness and performance have never existed before.  In this blog post, we’re going to dive into ways you can learn more about your […]

Unleash your Inner Cycling Beast

When it comes to road cycling, pro cyclists like Peter Sagan, Greg Van Avermaet and Philippe Gilbert are often seen as the strongest riders in the peloton.  They strike fear in everyone around them.  They possess incredible power that they can unleash and make it difficult if not impossible for others […]

Real-Time FTP Determination

Never Do An FTP Test – The Sequel

With Xert, you no longer a need to do FTP tests. When we first launched this concept it was quite remarkable because athletes often planned and performed specific ‘tests’ on a regular basis during both training and racing seasons in order to determine […]

#Crossiscoming – The Cheung Signature CX Workout Series

It’s August and, if you’ve caught a case of CX fever, this is one of the most anticipated times of the entire season. Whether you’ve planned your season completely around CX, or whether you’re looking to extend your racing season after a full season of road/MTB, CX demands a specific […]

Using the Xert Fitness Planner

New Concepts in Fitness Planning

Many of our users have been asking for Xert-based training programs. They appreciate all the great new ideas and ways to measure fitness but often ask about how they can apply this information towards improving their fitness and preparing for target events.  When we set out […]

The Xert Adaptive Training Advisor – First Introduction

Xert continues to roll out a wide range of innovations to make it a comprehensive fitness monitoring, tracking, and planning ecosystem. Our latest roll-out is the Training Advisor, an adaptive technology that can guide you day to day with your training […]

The Ultimate Guide to Training with Xert and Zwift

The Best of Both Worlds

With the cold winter weather, even the toughest riders are forced inside for the relative warmth and safety of their trainers. Thankfully, structured workouts like those from Xert and online virtual rides from the likes of Zwift can not only reduce the boredom associated with riding indoors, […]

Using Xert before, during and after a Training Camp

Each spring as the sun stays out a little longer and the looming race season closes in many of us are lured to warmer climes to pile on the miles at a training camp. At Xert we’re no different; we just got […]

Training Using Xert’s Adaptive Training Advisor – PEZ Cycling News

The Xert Adaptive Training Advisor (XATA) uses advanced analytics to not just model your current fitness, but to individually prescribe workouts guiding you towards a desired fitness and time. I relied on it for >90% of my training this winter leading up to April’s gravel season.

Read the […]

Is it time for a mid-season break?

Lately you haven’t had the ‘snap’ you had in the spring. Maybe you’re lacking the motivation to ride and it has gotten so bad that you haven’t even cleaned your chain (and people are starting to notice)! Does this […]

Hunting Segments with Power

Everyone can agree that achieving new personal records out on the road is one of the things that makes cycling so much fun.  Seeing all the hard work you’ve put into improving and then to see it come together when you get your best time on your favourite stretch of […]

The Demands of Cyclocross and How to Train For Them

The mere mention of cyclocross can make some rider’s heart race with excitement. Usually riders who love a little mud. Or to suffer. Or ideally both! Because CX differs from what many of us do – or train to do – the rest of the year, questions about the specific […]

How Zwift is Changing How We Train in the Off-Season

When we look outside to find rain, snow, or traffic-choked roads, many of us head indoors for exercise. The increasing popularity of software like Zwift makes riding your trainer, or running on a treadmill, much more enjoyable. Whereas in the past you’d be doing boring, monotonous intervals on the trainer, […]

Fitness – Power versus Repeatability


Many of us track our power numbers with an interest in achieving max power output and hitting the #BOOM of a breakthrough effort. Tracking these max efforts is indeed important, and it is true that ultimately we are aiming to get Peak Power […]

The Future of Power Meters in Sport

Cycling power meters have re-entered the spotlight with the ASO’s (the organization behind races like the Tour de France, Paris-Roubaix, and the Tour of California) Christian Prudhomme announcing their desire to ban the use of power meters at the Tour.  “We reassert our desire to see the end of […]

Xploits: Coming back stronger…by James Gilmore

Who doesn’t love Titanium


I was hit by an SUV on March 24, 2018, towards the end of a 6.5 hour training ride with a friend. The crash resulted in several injuries including a badly broken left hip. I was operated on several hours later and put back […]

Xert Mobile App Version 3.0 For Android Released

In an ongoing commitment to make sure you’re able to review & analyze your data whenever and however you like, today we released an entirely new feature to the Xert Mobile app for Android, giving you the ability to review activities […]

Make 2019 a breakthrough year by avoiding these 5 mistakes when planning – and executing – your training plan

Training isn’t easy, but choosing the right ‘training plan’ is even harder. Here are 5 rules you’ve probably broken, and what you can do now to be better next season.

#1  Don’t plan with hours, plan with Strain

Intuitively, we all know that every hour of […]