Using Xert to Evaluate your Cycling

Advanced Data Analysis with Xert New ideas and concepts continue to come to the forefront on how to apply Xert's revolutionary concepts.  Xert's methods to analyze power data and discover new insights into fitness and performance have never existed before. [...]

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Introducing Smart Workouts

A Completely New Way to Train Xert has ushered in revolutionary ideas and innovations in measuring fitness, how much power you have, which energy systems you use as well as highlighting how traditional methods miss key training [...]

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Using Xert to Get Faster Than Ever

What Xert Tells Us About How to Train During the Off-Season As many of you will be training during the off-season to try and reach new highs, it would be interesting to examine what the data has told [...]

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Fitness Prediction and Potential

The Next Generation in Impulse Response Modeling With our success helping athletes answer the question: "What's my fitness?", we set our sights on answering the question "What will my fitness be?".  Answering this question is [...]

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A Paradigm Shift in Training

From Zones to Strain and Focus Zones have been a long-standing method of prescribing training.  Whether they are based on heart-rate or power, they are the staple of any training program.  When used for training [...]

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News Release

Baron Biosystems Introduces Xert Advanced Power Data Analytics Software August 16th, 2016 - Baron Biosystems Ltd., a sports science software company, announced today the release of Xert™ Advanced Power Data Analytics software. Xert is a [...]

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August Newsletter

Dear Xert Beta User, Since our last newsletter, we've been burning the midnight oil, supporting our beta users, working on new features and apps, improving existing features and preparing to move Xert from beta to full [...]

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How Xert Works

Understanding Fitness Signatures Your fitness signature and how it changes over time, is the foundation of Xert.  Xert uses your fitness signature data in a variety of ways: Tracks how it changes over time.  This is [...]

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