April Newsletter

Dear Beta Tester, March has been unbelievably busy for us and we have many interesting updates tell you about!  The pace of innovation at Baron is still high and we’re developing lots of momentum. We’re [...]

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Announcing the Xert Beta Program!

Xert™ is an advanced power data analytics software platform.  It is built around a brand new concept in power data analysis: Maximal Power Available (MPA™).   MPA establishes, second-by-second, how much power you have. MPA [...]

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The World’s Most Advanced Cycling Computer – Xert Mobile

Review In our earlier blogs, we explored a brand new way of looking at power data.  The concept of a fitness signature was introduced, which is a set of three fitness values that apply to [...]

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Using Xert to Test Your Fitness

Fitness Testing Most athletes dread test days.  These are the days in your training plan where you test your fitness to see where you stand: "Am I improving?", "Do I need to change to workout targets?". [...]

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Xert’s Work Allocation Ratios

Dissecting Power Data With the knowledge of MPA and fitness signatures in hand, we can now start to examine how power is generated.  That is, we can look to determine to what degree your individual fitness [...]

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Your Fitness Signature

Measuring Fitness Each person possesses a unique level of fitness for a given physical activity. Different activities possess different measures of fitness. Fitness for weight-lifting, for example, is measured by the amount of weight one is able [...]

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