Can I change or adjust the data in my power file?

If you need to adjust a data file to remove a power spike, change the date or time of an activity, or even remove a section of the data, you can use a service like To do this via a web interface (all feature aren't available in Xert apps [...]


I just got a breakthrough. What happened?

Xert looks for breakthroughs every time you upload/sync an activity. This is one of the main features of the software. Breakthroughs mean that a change in your Fitness Signature has been discovered and has been updated. Xert shows you the breakthrough information including the streetview image and the change in [...]


I’m having trouble with the Segment Hunter

If you are having difficulty getting the Segment Hunter to work on your Garmin: 1. Be sure to put the app on fullscreen so you can see which segments get fetched. 2. Be sure Garmin Connect Mobile is running on your phone and connected to the Internet. 3. Be sure [...]


How do I use the Segment Hunter for my Time Trial?

The Xert Segment Hunter is a great pacing app that can also be used for time-trials. There are a few keys things to remember in order to properly use the app for these races: Be sure your time-trial course has been defined as a Strava segment, and 'star' that segment [...]


Why are my stars different colours in different views?

Something that makes Xert unique is the ability to see your Training Status and Form depicted as a number of coloured stars. The stars and colours are used in various parts of the system and understanding what they mean is important to understanding your overall training load and your freshness. [...]


Why am I seeing duplicates of my activities?

If you’re seeing more than one of the same activity in Activities > Dashboard or Table, it could be due to one of several reasons: Time zone discrepancies between the source of your activity file and your Xert account; Double syncing i.e. you're syncing your Xert account with both Strava [...]