I just got a breakthrough. What happened?

Xert looks for breakthroughs every time you upload/sync an activity. This is one of the main features of the software. Breakthroughs mean that a change in your Fitness Signature has been discovered and has been updated. Xert shows you the breakthrough information including the streetview image and the change in [...]


I just did a workout and some of the intervals were shorter/longer than what was defined in the workout. Why?

Many of Xert workouts incorporate "Smart" intervals.  These intervals can have either varying intensity, varying duration or both.  For example, let's look at the Sweet-Spot Under Fatigue @82% Workout: The "Intervals under Fatigue" start with an interval that's 369W that lasts 101s.  Why 101s? Seems like an odd number to choose, [...]


I’m having trouble with the Segment Hunter

If you are having difficulty getting the Segment Hunter to work on your Garmin: 1. Be sure to put the app on fullscreen so you can see which segments get fetched. 2. Be sure Garmin Connect Mobile is running on your phone and connected to the Internet. 3. Be sure [...]