What’s behind the Xert Kit Design?


Why the dark jerseys? Users of Xert are the strongest and toughest by virtue of being totally in-tune with their fitness and abilities and having trained themselves better than everyone else.  Black with teal accents reflects this.

Heartbeat Across the Front and Back

Placed just over the heart, this symbol reflects the basis for the Xert models – heart rate.  Much of what has been  discovered came from analyzing HR data and how power, cadence and speed affects it.


Xert has a number of terms that are different from most of the industry.  These include Difficulty, MPA, Focus and  Strain Score.  During the last year we have been looking for symbols to represent these concepts and came across  Adinkra symbols. Originally from West Africa (Ghana area), these symbols resonated with us as interesting and ‘close to  the intent’ of our terms. Furthermore when discussing them, we felt that they would be an interesting story for our jersey wearers to tell their friends.

Symbol Adinkra Word Meaning Represents
  Wawa aba   Perseverance Toughness  Xert Strain Score (XSS) / Difficulty
  Aya  Endurance  Endurance Energy / Slow-recovery Fatigue
   Mmere Dane  Change  Maximal Power Available / Fast-recovery Fatigue
   Akofena Courage Maximal Efforts / Breakthroughs
   Ananse Ntontan Wisdom & Creativity  Xert’s ground-breaking methods
   Mmysayidee Good Fortune Using Xert in Races
   Me Ware Wo Commitment  Using Xert for Training and Building Fitness

You can get a full listing of Adinkra symbols here.

Side Panels

Purely visual interest, perhaps representing a data stream.

Lower Arm and Leg Collars

Design is taken from Xert charts to display MPA, Power, Difficulty and Best Effort.

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