Xert Athlete Profile – Hidehiko Seki

Hidehiko Sekiのプロフィール


Hobby rider who enjoys cycling and racing besides work. Because I live in the prefecture with the lowest average altitude in Japan, I am not good at climbing, but I am good at Sprinting. I belong to the local club team “Uchibo Racing Club”.

バイクセッティング      Bike Set-up

  • Xert
  • LOOK 586SL
  • Garmin edge520
  • CycleOps PowerTap
  • Strava

の活用方法    Xert




The most favorite thing about Xert is that I can link activities from Strava with a single button. This is a very easy operation, I can immediately check the record of the morning ride.
Also, using the index MPAMPA stands for Maximum Power Available. It is a measure of the maximum power an athlete can generate at a given moment... More, I can analyze how much performance I can demonstrate in training by concrete numerical values, of course I can also see it on the graph. Recently, the index “difficulty” has been added, so it has become possible to analyze the intensity of training in more detail.
In addition, since it is possible to check fitness level and stressSynonymous with work, this metric is measured in joules and is the total work performed over a given period or... balance instantly by “XPMC” chart, it is easy to organize a training program according to the degree of current fatigueFatigue represents a reduction in an athlete's ability to produce power.  It either manifests as a reduction in Maximal Power....
Looking at the “Fitness Signatures” chart, I can see that the threshold powerAlso used as an acronym TP in Xert and sometimes described using the more colloquial term FTP, Threshold Power is... is gradually increasing from 2016 to 2017.
Indeed, in 2016, I kept within 10th place with 8 hobby races, and I won a prize (within 6th place) with 4 races. In this way, keeping the balance between training intensity and fatigueFatigue represents a reduction in an athlete's ability to produce power.  It either manifests as a reduction in Maximal Power... well while pursuing more efficient training would be the greatest benefit of using Xert.

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