Returning to Training after a Break

Introduction If you’ve trained for any amount of time, you have likely experienced some interruption to your training routine - whether that's a family vacation, an unforeseen business trip, [...]

Training Right For Your Event

Introduction With the creation of the Adaptive Training Advisor, Xert has radically changed the way in which we train & prepare for events. Rather than prescribing workouts weeks & [...]

Assessing Readiness to Train

An important part of all Training Programs is the need to incorporate day-to-day readiness into the program to guide what type of training should be performed on that day. [...]

Group Ride Data Analytics with FlyBy

Analyze Group Rides and Race Data From Other Riders Together With Yours Introducing Group Ride Data Analytics with Flyby.  This new feature from Xert Breakthrough Training allows athletes, coaches and [...]

How Fit Do I Need to Be?

Using Xert to Assess and Understand Your Training Demands "How fit do I need to be?" That’s easy: “As much as possible!” While that seems like the obvious answer, the [...]

Multisport Profiles

The multi-sport feature allows users to track different sport profiles within Xert. Each user can have up to 3 profiles: Cycling, Running, and Other. Adding a New Profile To [...]

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