Unleash your Inner Cycling Beast

When it comes to road cycling, pro cyclists like Peter Sagan, Greg Van Avermaet and Philippe Gilbert are often seen as the strongest riders in the peloton.  They strike fear in everyone around them.  They possess incredible power that they can unleash and make it difficult if not impossible for others [...]

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How Xert Works

Understanding Fitness Signatures Your fitness signature and how it changes over time, is the foundation of Xert.  Xert uses your fitness signature data in a variety of ways: Tracks how it changes over time.  This is referred to as your Progression. It is used to derive your Athlete Type fitness, such as [...]

Designing Workouts with MPA

Workout Design Assigning workouts, for many, is considered an art more than a science.  Given the number of variables that need to be accounted for, coaches and sports scientists combine scientific research, home-grown tools, coaching systems, and software in deciding on what workout to prescribe for an athlete at a [...]

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