I just got a breakthrough. What happened?

Xert looks for breakthroughs every time you upload/sync an activity. This is one of the main features of the software. Breakthroughs mean that a change in your Fitness Signature has been discovered and has been updated. Xert shows you the breakthrough information including the streetview image and the change in [...]


Why am I seeing duplicates of my activities?

If you’re seeing more than one of the same activity in Activities > Dashboard or Table, it could be due to one of several reasons: Time zone discrepancies between the source of your activity file and your Xert account; Double syncing i.e. you're syncing your Xert account with both Strava [...]


Are there errors in my Fitness Signature?

One of the main premises that Xert works under is that it when an activity is synced/uploaded, it uses your latest Fitness Signature to determine if you had any maximal efforts. If a max effort exceeds the MPA determined by your Fitness Signature, you get a breakthrough, and your Fitness Signature [...]

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