Fatigue represents a reduction in an athlete’s ability to produce power.  It either manifests as a reduction in Maximal Power Available (short-term fatigue) or a reduction in fitness signature values (long-term fatigue).  Short-term fatigue recovers during an activity whereas long-term fatigue does not, or does so very slowly.

Two principles a fatigue are the foundation of Xert:

  1. Fatigue reduces power
    • MPA is a real phenomenon.  Although research has previously described the idea that power reduces with fatigue, Xert is the first model ever to quantify it during intermittent exercise and apply it for analysis and for training prescription.
  2. Fatigue increases strain
    • Fatigue makes things more difficult and the closer you work to MPA, the greater the strain.  Reaching your physical limits of power isn’t easy and the instances that these occur during exercise are infrequent and in many cases, avoided by athletes.