Do some workouts motivate you better than others?  Are some workouts just not your thing or maybe you feel they don’t suit your needs as much as others?

Use the Like / Dislike Workout feature to let the Adaptive Training Advisor know that you would like to have some workouts recommended with greater likelihood than normal (like or 👍) and other workouts you don’t care for (dislike or 👎). When the Adaptive Training Advisor evaluates all the workouts on the system,  liked workouts receive a bit higher ranking and disliked workouts will be moved further down in ranking.  This gives you greater control over the training you receive which keeps you more motivated and on-track with your improvements.

For example, you may not like doing sweet-spot workouts such as It Takes Two 82%. Click the disklike 👎icon for that workout and it will move further down the rankings so that it’s not likely to get recommended.

With this new feature, not only are you able to refine the training recommendations via the Workout Filters, but you can also influence the recommended trainings based your own preferences. Liking a workout will increase it’s recommended score so it is more likely to be recommended in the future. Disliking a workout will decrease it’s score so you will be less likely to see the workout recommended in the future.