Adding Manual Activities

Adding manual activities to your activity history is easy.  Simply navigate to the Fitness Planner and click on the day when you performed the activity:

You should edit the date & time of the activity at the top of the panel. Also be sure enter in the duration, XSS, Focus and Specificity Rating.  For guidelines on how these should be entered:

  1. Duration is simply the length of the activity…nothing special to note.
  2. XSS is how much XSS you accumulated. In general, you’ll accumulate 40-50XSS per hour for easy riding, about 60-70XSS per hour for endurance riding, and 90-110XSS per hour for extreme, high-intensity riding.
  3. For Focus, if was low intensity, use an Endurance focus type (Time Trialist to Triathlete).  If you had some longer efforts just above Threshold Power, choose Climber or GC Specialist.  If you had been doing sprinting or shorter/hard efforts, choose Road Sprinter to Rouleur.
  4. For Specificity Rating, it should normally be set to Mixed.

Note: Getting these values 100% correct isn’t absolutely necessary, especially if the activities are infrequent and make up a smaller proportion of your training.  The more these activities will contribute to your overall training, the more important it is to have good estimates.

Using Other Activities or Workouts

Sometimes it’s easy just to use an older activity or even a workout that you feel represents what you had done during your activity where you didn’t record power data.  Simply favorite an activity or a workout and click to drag and drop it into your fitness planner.  For example, if you’re doing a regular bike commute to & from work, this can be a very efficient way to add in the appropriate training dose.  Simply create or locate an activity that you feel your commute is very similar to and favorite it.  Then, click the Fitness Planner tab and drag and drop it into your calendar.  You could even have different favorites that represent different bikes, routes or intensity.