Xert™ web and mobile products allow athletes and coaches to monitor, predict, and optimize athletic fitness

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Xert for ConnectIQ

A full-featured app that displays your current workout information in an easy-to-follow display.  Your target power, MPA, cadence, heart rate and timers are shown and the software controls your smart trainer, adjusting target power and/or interval duration in real-time using the advanced smart interval algorithms.

Displays MPA, the maximal power you have second-by-second. In addition, power is displayed beside MPA and is colour-coded to provide feedback on how close you are to achieving a new fitness breakthrough by exceeding MPA. The app rewards you with a performance medal when a fitness breakthrough is achieved.

Displays fat and carbohydrate usage, colour-coded to indicate when rates are maximal.

Displays how much time you have before reaching your limit as well as how much time before you are recovered, both based on a configurable wattage.

Displays Focus, which is unique Xert derived measurement.  It a time measure that indicates the area of your fitness that is currently being exercised during the current activity.   Strain is a measurement of the difficulty of the activity. It is shown either as a Total Strain value in kJ, which is a sum total of the strain of the current activity or as a Strain Rate in watts showing the current degree of strain you are producing.

Using your Xert™ Fitness Signature, real-time Xert Strain Score (XSS) and Xert Equivalent Power (XEP) are calculated and displayed. Configure the app to show the data for the entire activity or for your current lap.

Optimizes your cadence by displaying a gauge. The gauge slides up when you’re pedalling too fast and slides down when you’re pedalling too slow, relative to Bioshift’s determined optimal cadence for a given power output.


Xert Mobile


Bioshift combines data from bike mounted wireless sensors with info about your unique physiology to determine the optimal bike gear, second-by-second.