How to Sync Older Activities from Strava to Xert

If you are looking add more Strava activities into Xert, follow the following process:

1. Click on the Strava link on the left panel or from the top menu if you’re on a tablet:

2. Click on the date range below “Connect with Strava3. Click on Custom.

4. Choose the From month.  Choose a year or use the arrows to navigate to the month you’d like to start from.

5. Click on the From date.6. Similarly, select To month and click on the To date. 7. Click on Apply. (Note that for custom ranges with many activities, the request to Strava may timeout. Choose a shorter date range when this happens).8. Check the Select All box (or pick and choose with activities you wish to sync).

9. Click the Sync button on the bottom right.