What are Advanced Stats?

Advanced Stats is a feature that allows users to analyze Strava Segments or their lap data from their activities. In addition to seeing some of the basic information you would expect to find: average power, speed, etc. Xert will also calculate & display the starting & ending MPA for each lap or Segment, as well as the calculated Focus & specificity for a particular region of a ride! 

Accessing Advanced Stats

  1. To view your lap & segment details, start by selecting the ‘Advanced Stats’ tab on the Activity Details page. Next, use the drop down menu to choose between viewing Lap data or starred Strava Segment data:
    • If you don’t see any segments listed, ensure that you have already starred a few segments. For more on that, check the Strava support page on Starred Segments.
    • Once you have starred some segments, you can click the ‘Refresh’ button and Xert will fetch your starred segments.
  2. Tap on a segment to view the summary information, such as at the segment distance, time, average power/speed, as well as your Personal Record (PR)  and the King/Queen of the Mountain (KOM/QOM) time. You will also notice links to the activity with your PR effort in Strava and in Xert.
  3. In addition to showing you information about your current effort, PR, and KOM/QOM effort, the map will zoom in to show the starting & finishing point of the lap/segment. The data table will also update to show data specific to the selected lap/segment, including the Xert Strain Score (XSS), Starting & Ending MPA, Focus & Specificity, as well as Fat & Carb used up during your lap/segment effort.

Breakthrough Effort

In addition to showing your current segment effort and your best segment effort, Xert will calculate a Breakthrough effort. To do this, Xert looks at the power data from your best effort and uses your MPA & fitness signature to calculate the highest effort you could sustain across that segment. The best estimated effort is calculated by scaling up your Segment best effort until MPA is reached at one point during the segment effort (e.g. a Breakthrough effort). Note that this won’t be a constant power effort across the segment. Rather, we use the pattern in your power data from your lifetime personal record to account for things like climbing & descending hills, stop signs, etc. From there, Xert can estimate your speed data using the best estimated power and determine your estimated best effort for that segment.

Note: Keep in mind that wind speed/direction will likely have an influence on your PR/KOM time as well.

After clicking on a Segment, the MPA chart will display the current effort Power & MPA, your Personal Record effort (in orange), and the Breakthrough Effort (in green). Looking closely at the map, you’ll also notice a second by second comparison on the map of your current effort (bike symbol), PR effort (orange diamond), and the Breakthrough effort (green diamond). You can also toggle the horizontal axis between time & distance:

Frequently Asked Questions

“Why don’t I see any Segments under Advanced Stats?”

  • A Strava Premium subscription is required for segment analysis
  • Only starred segments will be displayed for segment analysis
  • The ride must be synced between Strava & Xert. If the activity does not show ‘Open in Strava’, then Xert cannot fetch the Strava segments. We recommend deleting the activity and re-syncing the ride from Strava