This is a percentage value that provides further detail on a Focus. Specificity Rating characterizes how closely the strain accumulated during an activity matches precise work allocation ratios. A 100% specificity rating is Pure and means that all the strain accumulated was at the power on the Power Duration chart associated with the Focus Duration. A 0% specificity rating is Polar and means that all the strain accumulated was either at Peak Power or below Threshold Power. Generally speaking, cycling often has specificity ratings that are in-between pure and polar. These are classified as Mixed.

  • Pure = 100% – 67%
  • Mixed = 67% – 33%
  • Polar = 33% – 0%

Ultra-Short Race Pace Training (USRPT), for instance, is an example of training at a pure specificity rating. Training is done at intensities that match a given intensity only.

One way to conceptualize, Specificity Rating, especially if you plan on performing adhoc workouts:

  • Pure – You spent a majority of your time at or near the Focus intensity.
  • Polar – You spent a majority of your time at Endurance intensity with efforts above your Focus intensity.
  • Mixed – You had a mix of Endurance, Focus intensity and efforts above and below it.

You can fine tune your riding/running on the fly in achieving the target Focus or choose your workout by using these concepts.