When it comes to road cycling, pro cyclists like Peter Sagan, Greg Van Avermaet and Philippe Gilbert are often seen as the strongest riders in the peloton.  They strike fear in everyone around them.  They possess incredible power that they can unleash and make it difficult if not impossible for others to stay with them.

For Peter, Philippe and Greg this is not about having a high FTP.  They don’t have the highest.  This is about having power across the spectrum of riding situations from being able to deliver incredible power on flats, up hills and also being able to sprint too.   When they sense an opportunity, they enter beast mode and everyone around them feels it.

Unleashing their own inner beast mode is something anyone that tracks their performance with a power meter wishes they could do, generating raw and unrelenting power that leaves others behind and strikes fear in your competitors (and riding partners too).   Using Xert, you too can unleash your inner beast mode.  Xert helps you train to improve your overall power, not just your FTP.  Xert helps you discover your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses.  With the Xert apps on your Garmin device like Maximal Power Available (MPA) and Time to Exhaustion (TTE), you can optimize your power output in real-time, ensuring all of your power is used most effectively.  With greater awareness that you have more power available, you gain confidence that you can dig deeper and go harder than before.

MPA and Power App for Garmin

Using the MPA and Power Garmin app, you can modulate and manage your efforts and available power.  When you’re putting out big power, your MPA lowers indicating you are weakening. When you coast / go easy, it recharges giving you your power back, just like a battery.  Then, when you’re absolutely ready, go for it and try and raise your power above MPA for 5 seconds, turning it the colour purple and earning your breakthrough ribbon!

Athletes are using Xert Online to analyze their power data, using it to recognize what beast mode looks like.  Here is what you should be looking for (click on the images to enlarge them) in your data:

Without Xert Metrics With Xert Metrics Beast? Description
YES This one-hour effort shows what digging deep truly means.  Despite traditional analysis methods showing normalized average power well below the athlete’s FTP (this is due to the predominance of short 10-15s efforts), Xert analysis shows that the athlete dug deep and never relented for the entire race.  Reaching a difficulty score of 179 and still mustering a respectable effort at the very end is what unleashing your inner beast is all about.
NO Using traditional normalization methods and evaluation, this 40 minute effort would have been considered a difficult effort.  Normalized average power is 282W which is 12W higher than the athlete’s FTP, 270W (This is due to the predominant 30-40s efforts in the data).  In the end, using Xert’s analysis methods, this athlete did not perform at their best and had more power available that they could have used a various points in the race.  Indeed, at the end of this race, the athlete was not in a position to contest for the finish.
YES This athlete totally dominated this race and it is reflected in the data.  Right from the very start, the athlete made everyone feel their presence, pushing the pace.  This athlete’s normalized average power was 30W above their FTP over the 48 minutes which would make one normally think that their Threshold Power was set too low.  With Xert’s metrics, there is no confusion.  This is simply an outstanding effort by an athlete that knows their abilities and is able to express their limits without relenting, even right until the very end with a long maximal effort for a breakthrough.  A true beast.

Athletes are using Xert to train and improve their power in all situations, getting breakthroughs and reaching new levels of fitness.  Xert helps you become a smarter cyclist, allowing you to focus on what is most important, pushing you beyond your expectations to achieve results you’ve never achieved before.

Use Xert to discover and unleash your inner beast.