How to Setup Strava Breakthrough and Workout Reports

Strava breakthrough and workout reports allow activities that are uploaded to Xert and synced to Strava, to have images like the ones above to be attached to your Strava activity feed.  These are Strava Sponsored Activities but have the benefit of showing you and your followers information about your breakthrough achievement or workout completion.

To enable this feature, your activities need to go to Xert first before they go to Strava.  Hence you can’t get these reports if your Xert activities are coming from Strava, unfortunately.  This is the normal process if you are using Xert EBC for Android or the Xert Player for iOS.  If you are using a Garmin to record your activity, you will first need to disable the Garmin connection on Strava:

On your web browser, open the Strava Profile Settings and under the Social Connections section, be sure your Garmin Connect connection is disconnected.  Click on Disconnect if connected.  Next go to the Xert Strava page and check that your Xert->Strava setting is checked:

(Enable Sync from Strava to Xert so that your activity name updates on Strava will be reflected on Xert.)

Next, enable Garmin Connect sync on Xert.  Go to the Garmin Connect page, and click on the Connect button, login and authorize Xert with Garmin Connect.

You’re now all set and all your new activities recorded on your Garmin or Xert apps, or activities that you upload, will be sent to Strava with breakthrough and workout reports when they are performed.

Manually Updating Strava Activities

You can generate a Breakthrough or Workout Report manually by opening the Activity Details page for the activity and clicking on the Breakthrough or Workout Report icon.  You can then upload this to your Strava activity or post on Instagram, for example.