If you are having difficulty getting the Segment Hunter to work on your Garmin:

1. Be sure to put the app on fullscreen so you can see which segments get fetched.
2. Be sure Garmin Connect Mobile is running on your phone and connected to the Internet.
3. Be sure the phone is connected to your Garmin and you see “Phone Connected.”
4. Wait up to 5 minutes after starting your activity for your segments to get fetched from the server.
5. Be sure you don’t have anything generating lap triggers.
6. Be sure you have your correct username and password configured in settings.
7. Be sure to disable Strava Live Segments.
8. Try using Garmin Connect Mobile rather than Garmin Express (or vice versa) to configure your settings.

Remember, LAP button starts and stops your nearest segment.  It will start it from the beginning. START your activity will force the app to fetch new segments again.  You may need to wait up to 5 minutes before that process completes.

If all this fails, completely remove the app from your screen and from the device.  Restart and add the app again from the App Store.  Configure your settings using GCM.