Continuous Improvement is one of Xert’s 3 Program Types. This program type is perfect for athletes who may not be training for a particular event, but may instead ride for general fitness, for fun, or to push themselves to their own personal limits. With Continuous Improvement selected, Xert’s Adaptive Training Advisor will recommend the training needed to maintain your selected improvement rate with a general Focus on your selected athlete type.

With the Continuous Improvement program type selected, you will be able to edit your Athlete Type and Improvement Rate. Along the bottom of the dialogue screen, you can see how your current estimated weekly training time (in hours), Threshold Power (in Watts), Athlete Type power (in Watts), and Training Load compare to 6 weeks ago, as well as how Xert predicts those values to change in 6 weeks with the currently selected Athlete Type and Improvement Rate.

When Continuous Improvement program type is selected, the Xert Adaptive Training Program – located under the ‘Train’ tab on Xert Online, or the ‘Train’ tab of Xert Player for iOS – will display how your actual improvement has looked over the last 6 weeks:

Improvement Rate above 7: Red
Improvement Rate between 0 and 7: Green
Improvement Rate below 0: Blue