Difficulty Rating is a calculation that uses the Difficulty Score for a workout or activity and is determined as the highest difficulty score attained. As a general rule, those workouts/activities with greater difficulty require a higher training status to be successfully completed by the athlete, although there is variance amongst individuals. Races and/or intense groups rides often result in a higher Difficult Rating due to the added motivation on behalf of the athlete.

The ratings are categorized as follows:

Rating Recommended Minimum Training Status Level Difficulty Score
1 Easy Less than 45
1.5 Easy From 45 to 50
2 Moderate From 50 to 62
2.5 Moderate From 62 to 75
3 Difficult From 75 to 90
3.5 Difficult From 90 to 110
4 Tough From 110 to 130
4.5 Tough From 130 to 150
5 Hard Greater than 150