Your Fitness Signature is a set of three values that Xert uses to measure your unique fitness, almost like a ‘fitness fingerprint’. Each athlete’s fitness signature is comprised of: Threshold Power (TP),  High Intensity Energy (HIE) and Peak Power (PP). Xert analyses all of your activities with power data, searching for maximal efforts and extracts these 3 values from your best efforts.

Xert uses your fitness signature values to calculate your Maximum Power Available (MPA) interactively on your activities (or for workouts). When you achieve a Fitness Breakthrough, Xert calculates the changes in your fitness signature that explain your breakthrough performance!

Your fitness signature is shown at the bottom of the page on each Activity Details page:


Your fitness signature can also be used to calculate your power-duration curve.  In principle, your Fitness Signature establishes your ability to perform during steady-state or variable intensity power:

Your Fitness Signature is a foundational aspect of the Xert system.