Xert Training Pacer

This gauge provides a visual representation of your Training Deficit and Surplus, determined by your relative change over the past week as compared to your chosen Improvement Rate.This gauge provides a simple visual cue as to whether your training is on-target (inner grey), is ahead of plan (inner blue) or if you are falling behind (inner red).  It also indicates if you need to train (outer grey) or if training is optional (outer blue).    The second arrow represents where you will be tomorrow (i.e. 24 hours from now) and is colour-coded using the same colours as your Training Status:

  • Brown: Detraining – No constraints
  • Green: Very fresh – No constraints
  • Blue: Fresh – No constraints
  • Yellow: Tired – Endurance only
  • Red: Very tired – Recovery only

This second indicator can be interpreted as: “If I don’t train today, where will I be tomorrow?” with the colour indicating what type of training you will likely have recommended by the system.  No constraints means that the system won’t avoid recommending a high-intensity workout if your program suggests it. Endurance only means that the system will lean towards suggesting an Endurance workout and Recovery only means it will be a recovery day and only recovery workouts will be recommended.

N.B. If you have a planned activity in the Fitness Planner within the next 24 hours, the triangle may point to the right of the main needle as it is accounted for in the calculation.