If you’re seeing more than one of the same activity in Activities > Dashboard or Table, it could be due to one of several reasons:

  1. Time zone discrepancies between the source of your activity file and your Xert account;
  2. Double syncing i.e. you’re syncing your Xert account with both Strava AND Garmin Connect;
  3. Your Planned Activity/Workout Time is keeping a planned workouts on your calendar after you’ve completed your activity/workout.

Let’s look at how to identify & solve each one of these…

Time Zone Discrepancy

Xert uses timestamps on activities to identify and omit potential duplicate activities. If your timezone has not been selected in Xert or if it differs from the source of your activity file (Strava or Garmin Connect), Xert will see these as different activities. To solve, make sure you’re time zones are correct and consistent between platforms you are using with Xert. In Xert, this can be found under Account Settings > Personal Info – Timezone.

Double Syncing

If you’re syncing activities from both Garmin Connect AND Strava duplicates can easily occur, especially if there are differences in time zones. To solve, enable only Garmin Connect or Strava as your activity file source and make sure your timezones are the same in both your Garmin Connect or Strava account and your Xert account settings. If  you see duplicates in the past you can manually delete them in Activities > Table.

Planned Activity/Workout Time

If you have a planned activity/workout scheduled for later in the day and you completed this scheduled activity in advance of its scheduled time, you will see two entries on today’s date for that activity using the Fitness Planner.  When the time of your scheduled activity has passed, it will be expired and you’ll only have one activity remaining for today.  Until then, you may possibly see two duplicate entries.