Focus Type in the Adaptive Training Advisor provides guidance on what the Focus needs to be for the workout at this point in your training program.  It also factors in whether you are Tired or Very Tired.  The guidance is not meant to provide a workout structure but provide some simple guidelines you can apply when just riding and using the apps that show Focus and XSS. Training with Xert doesn’t need to be so precise since we’re capturing all your strain, even with semi-random power data. It is the reason why our workouts are not so repetitious and provide more interest. Following simple and rigid workouts is becoming a thing of the past.

If you’re in the Base, Build or Peak phase of your Training Program, the Athlete Type category will be shown based the Program Phase and your Training Status.  In the above example, it is Endurance and this the general category for the workout/activity that is being suggested.  Focus is shown next. This is shown as a time value and represents the Focus Duration.  In the above example, it shows 24:06.  When using Xert Mobile, or the Focus and Strain Garmin CIQ app or if you have the Remote Player on screen during your workout, you’ll be able to see what this value is for your entire workout.  As your training nears your Target Event Date, the value will come closer and closer to that of your Target Athlete Type.

Note that his value does not represent the duration of the workout or intervals.  It represents that longest duration you would be able to sustain for the Interval Targets shown.  It should be used with our apps or in creating/choosing an Xert workout. 

The last value shown in your Interval Targets.  This value provides a rough estimate of the power target you should be looking to maintain during intervals, if you are planning on just riding and not following a workout.  The more time you spend at this intensity, the more you are training at the correct focus. Combining efforts above and below this intensity is also effective.

If your are Pre Base or Post Event, you’ll be offered a randomized Focus.  This means that the XATA will not periodize your training and will recommend workouts with varying Focus.

When performing unstructured workouts using the Garmin Focus field, you should aim to sustain the Interval Targets or slightly higher in order to reach the Focus Duration specified.  Ideally, the colour of the Garmin Focus field should be blue or green (See Specificity Rating) in order to get the most benefit towards the given Focus.  If the colour is black or yellow, it means that the workout is mostly Endurance / low intensity work.