Focus Duration

This is a generalized concept that is quantified as duration value and categorized as an Athlete Type. The value is based on work allocation ratios determined by summing your low, high and peak work or strain values over the given period. This can be for an activity, workout or a period of activities. Focus is a duration (i.e. HH:MM:SS) on your Power Duration chart that has the equivalent ratio as the totals of your low, high and peak work or strain over the given period. For example, if your total low/high/peak strain values over a period are in the ratio of 70/26/4 and your power at 4:00 minutes on your Power Duration chart also has the ratio of 70/26/4, then the Focus Duration based on total strain for the period would be 4:00.

Athlete Type simplifies the interpretation of the Focus Duration by providing a category for a range of durations. For example, a Focus Duration of 4:00 would be classified as a Puncheur (4 minute power) as the value 4:00 is closest to this Athlete Type.  A value of 8:43 would be classified as a GC Specialist and would have ratios 82/15/3.  Ratios and thus durations depend on the athlete’s Fitness Signature.

The Strain Progression Chart uses exponentially weighted moving averages rather than using sum totals for low, high and peak strain values and uses these to establish Focus Duration and Athlete Type.

For information on how to understand the Focus Target provided by the Adaptive Training Advisor, consult the FAQ on this topic.