What is Xert Academy?

Xert Academy was created to help Xerters learn more about how the platform works by guiding them through a three-part educuation classes covering our three pillars: Discover, Improve, & Perform. When joining a live Xert Academy session, you’ll participate in an interactive group ride experience while learning about the Xert platform via a Zoom call directly with the Xert Team. This provides you an opportunity to learn more about how Xert works and how Xert can help you improve.

Discover – Mastering Xert 101

Xert Academy begins with a discussion on discovering your fitness with Xert. The session discusses what each part of your fitness signature represents, as well as how your signature affects your ability to produce power. After all, you’re more than just your FTP. The back end of the discussion focuses on the key concept of breakthroughs. We discuss what a breakthrough means, chat about how you can get a breakthrough, & discuss the different types of breakthroughs you’ll see in Xert, especially the dreaded near-breakthrough.

Improve – Mastering Xert 201

The second part of the Xert Academy series continues building upon what you learned in the first session by discussing how Xert can help you improve your own personal fitness. We talk about the general concepts behind Xert’s adaptive training advisor – such as progressive overload & polarization. Finally, we discuss some of the various ways that you can train with Xert – whether that’s group sessions, solo workouts, or outdoor rides.

Perform – Mastering Xert 301

The final Xert Academy Session is really centered about performing to the best of your ability on race day! We discuss some of the different real-time metrics & apps you can use with Xert to help you perform to the best of your ability – whether that’s pushing yourself for a PR/KOM on a Strava segment or pushing for a podium finish in a criterium or road race.

What do you need to participate?

Xert Academy classes are delivered using Xert Sessions.  If you have not yet participated in an Xert group session, read through and follow the Xert Sessions Starter Guide.  Once you have a chance to get everything set up, join a session using the Xert Sessions page.  If you are part of a group that would like your own classes, reach out to support@xertonline.com and as about setting up a class for your group, team or club.

Live Xert Academy sessions are updated frequently. Continue checking back for upcoming opportunities join them, learn all about Xert and get a great workout in the process!