Sometimes you may open an activity and see lots of yellow dots or the difficulty score is off the chart. You may see the left axis start with MPA at over 2000W. Whenever you see this it generally means that the system didn’t understand your data.  Xert expects your data to look like your previous data. When it’s analyzed and the results don’t align with what you had before, you’ll get errors. Sometimes the errors are caused by faulty power meters – they generate invalid data such as power values that are too high. This will result in errors in some if not all your data.

To fix errors in your data you can do a few things:

  1. If you suspect that an activity has invalid/very high power data values, simply delete it and replace it with a manual activity (use the Fitness Planner to create a manual activity by clicking on the date).
  2. You can ‘Flag’ the activity to keep it, but ignore the data in any Fitness Signature calculation. To do this, click the flag next to the activity in its Details page, or on the Activities /  Table.
  3. If you have a very high peak power and aren’t sure which activity may have the issue, use the Activities Table, click on the icon, and add Max Power to the table. Click on the Max Power heading to order the table by Max Power and look for those activities that have a very high value. Remove than and replace them with manual activities, or flag them as having errors (see #2 above).
  4. If your data is good and there aren’t any errors, Xert may have errors due to insufficient information about your fitness from your current data on the system. When this happens, follow the FAQ on performing a progression recalculation.

If you need to adjust a power file to remove a data spike or change the date & time for example, refer to the FAQ ‘Can I change or adjust the data in my power file?