Xert is an advanced power data analytics software platform.  It is built around a brand new concept in power data analysis: Maximal Power Available (MPA™).   MPA establishes, second-by-second, how much power you have.

MPA is derived using three parameters: Threshold Power, High Intensity Energy and Peak Power.  Together these are referred to as your fitness signature.  

There are many applications of MPA and Xert is a platform that takes the concepts and formulations behind MPA and applies them in different ways.  The main benefits of using MPA Analysis techniques in Xert are:

  1. You can determine your fitness progress more regularly.
  2. You can avoid those difficult and often inaccurate tests to obtain your threshold power.  This and your other signature parameters can often be extracted from single rides.
  3. You can compare your current fitness numbers against your historical numbers, review your strengths and weaknesses, as well as compare yourself against others.
  4. You can analyze your race and ride performances in greater detail.
  5. You can execute unique workouts using MPA.

Xert Online is our web app that analyzes power files.  For those with Androids, Xert Mobile is our optional Android App on Google Play that provides a number of new metrics around the derivation of MPA.  Xert for ConnectIQ is a suite of apps for Garmin Edge ConnectIQ devices that display various metrics based on our models.

If you’re interested in exploring your power data in new ways, register for our Xert Beta Program.  Subscription is free during the beta period.