Returning to Training after a Break

Introduction If you’ve trained for any amount of time, you have likely experienced some interruption to your training routine - whether that's a family vacation, an unforeseen business trip, or a unexpected injury, or just taking some downtime after a long riding season. While being away from your bike [...]

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Assessing Readiness to Train

An important part of all Training Programs is the need to incorporate day-to-day readiness into the program to guide what type of training should be performed on that day. In Xert, we look to model that readiness using your Training Status which uses your historical power data to estimate [...]


How Fit Do I Need to Be?

Using Xert to Assess and Understand Your Training Demands "How fit do I need to be?" That’s easy: “As much as possible!” While that seems like the obvious answer, the more likely answer will be “It depends.”  How fit you need to be depends on a number of things about [...]


Multisport Profiles

The multi-sport feature allows users to track different sport profiles within Xert. Each user can have up to 3 profiles: Cycling, Running, and Other. Adding a New Profile To get started with a new profile, navigate to the top right-hand corner of the Xert website and hover over your [...]


Going Short… For Longer!

In addition to making cool-looking Xert Workout Reports, research has shown that micro-intervals are potent training stimuli. In this blog post, we will dig in a little more to understand exactly why those micro-intervals can be so beneficial to your cycling fitness. We will also look at Xert’s analysis [...]

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Quick Start Guide: EBC

It's finally here - Xert's EBC! We've spent considerable time refining the feedback from users to create a streamlined app that can be used as a cycling computer on Android Devices running Android OS 6.1 or newer. EBC is also fully supported on the Hammerhead Karoo 2 cycling computer. [...]

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Xert Sessions: Integration with Zoom

Xert Sessions can be performed with Zoom as the main focal point on the Session Player. This creates a broad set of opportunities for coaches, instructors, even researchers to engage with their athletes in real time as they perform their training. Coaches/instructors can demonstrate the training they would like [...]

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Breaking Through the Xert Way!

What is a Fitness Breakthrough (BT)? Many software training platforms use some method to track your fitness progression throughout the course of a training program or season. Typically, these require some form of test - whether a FTP test, ramp test, or other type of testing. With Xert, we can [...]

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