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Training with the Xert Adaptive Training Advisor

The Challenges with Training Plans Traditional training methods are primarily focused on the training plan. A training plan is normally a pre-defined series of workouts, almost always structured workouts, that are scheduled on your calendar that you follow, day-to-day, week-to-week.  The most effective training plans are designed professionally by an [...]

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Using the Xert Fitness Planner

New Concepts in Fitness Planning Many of our users have been asking for Xert-based training programs. They appreciate all the great new ideas and ways to measure fitness but often ask about how they can apply this information towards improving their fitness and preparing for target events.  When we set [...]

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Xert Athlete Profile – Hidehiko Seki

Hidehiko Sekiのプロフィール 仕事の傍らに趣味でサイクリングやレースを楽しむホビーライダー。日本で最も平均標高の低い県に住んでいるため、登りが苦手だが、スプリントは得意。「内房レーシングクラブ」という地元のクラブチームに所属している。 Hobby rider who enjoys cycling and racing besides work. Because I live in the prefecture with the lowest average altitude in Japan, I am not good at climbing, but I am good at Sprinting. I belong to the local club team "Uchibo Racing Club". バイクセッティング     [...]

Unleash your Inner Cycling Beast

When it comes to road cycling, pro cyclists like Peter Sagan, Greg Van Avermaet and Philippe Gilbert are often seen as the strongest riders in the peloton.  They strike fear in everyone around them.  They possess incredible power that they can unleash and make it difficult if not impossible for others [...]

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