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Training Using Xert’s Adaptive Training Advisor – PEZ Cycling News

The Xert Adaptive Training Advisor (XATA) uses advanced analytics to not just model your current fitness, but to individually prescribe workouts guiding you towards a desired fitness and time. I relied on it for >90% of my training this winter leading up to April’s gravel season. Read the whole story [...]

Sweet Spot, Threshold and Polarized Training … By the Numbers

Researchers, coaches and sports scientists continue to discuss and evaluate various traditional and alternative forms of training, sometimes quite vocally.  There have been some that advocate for sweetspot/threshold training and others that advocate for polarized training.  For some athletes, sweetspot training (SST) is too hard, requiring too much concentration whereas [...]

Understanding MPA – A Story

The ability to measure Maximal Power Available (MPA™), second-by-second provides insight into athletic performance that has never existed previously.  To better conceptualize MPA and to better appreciate what makes it so unique and useful, we'll explain it in very simple terms.  We're going to use a story of you going [...]

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Training with the Xert Adaptive Training Advisor

The Challenges with Training Plans Traditional training methods are primarily focused on the training plan. A training plan is normally a pre-defined series of workouts, almost always structured workouts, that are scheduled on your calendar that you follow, day-to-day, week-to-week.  The most effective training plans are designed professionally by an [...]

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Using the Xert Fitness Planner

New Concepts in Fitness Planning Many of our users have been asking for Xert-based training programs. They appreciate all the great new ideas and ways to measure fitness but often ask about how they can apply this information towards improving their fitness and preparing for target events.  When we set [...]

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