Sweet Spot, Threshold and Polarized Training … By the Numbers

Researchers, coaches and sports scientists continue to discuss and evaluate various traditional and alternative forms of training, sometimes quite vocally.  There have been some that advocate for sweetspot/threshold training and others that advocate for polarized training.  For some athletes, sweetspot training (SST) is too hard, requiring too much concentration whereas [...]

Xert Athlete Profiles – Nigel

Nigel is a rider in his 60s who had a catastrophic injury. Overcoming adversity with Xert   “November 31, 2013 I was given a 50/50 chance to ever walk again following emergency surgery for a Cauda equine spinal cord injury. Since then I’ve worked hard to achieve some form of [...]

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Xert Athlete Profile – Hidehiko Seki

Hidehiko Sekiのプロフィール 仕事の傍らに趣味でサイクリングやレースを楽しむホビーライダー。日本で最も平均標高の低い県に住んでいるため、登りが苦手だが、スプリントは得意。「内房レーシングクラブ」という地元のクラブチームに所属している。 Hobby rider who enjoys cycling and racing besides work. Because I live in the prefecture with the lowest average altitude in Japan, I am not good at climbing, but I am good at Sprinting. I belong to the local club team "Uchibo Racing Club". バイクセッティング     [...]

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