The Xert Adaptive Training Advisor (XATA) is a smart training recommendation engine that factors in a wide variety of factors obtained from the analysis of your activity data and your training goals. Upon analyzing these various factors, XATA will provide you with a list of recommended trainings, with the most optimal training presented on top. You can further refine the recommendations using a variety of filters, including duration, difficulty, & Focus type. Xert will then present the best recommended trainings that fall within the confines of the applied filters.

Note: Xert can now also recommend Outdoor Activities & Virtual Rides in addition to structured workouts & sessions! This allows you to incorporate many of your favorite bike routes, group rides, & virtual activities as part of your training program with Xert. You won’t find this anywhere else!

Here are some of the variables that are considered when Xert recommends training:

  • Current Training Loads by each system – Low, High, Peak
  • Current Recovery Loads by each system – Low, High, Peak
  • Current Form by each system – Low, High, Peak
  • Overall Training Status
  • Your current Fitness Signature, established via MPA Analysis and Fitness Signature extraction, including Threshold Power
  • Your freshness – Very Tired to Very Fresh
  • The rate at which each Training Load is increasing / decreasing
  • Your selected Program Type, which includes:
  • The number of activities you performed recently, including:
    • The average duration for your activities
    • The XSS you accumulated for each activity type – Workout, Outdoor Ride, & Virtual Ride

With this information, the training advisor then calculates:

  • The deficit / surplus of training you have using your As Of time
  • The amount of hours you will need to maintain to sustain the improvement rate you have selected
  • The target Focus you should have for your next workout, based on your training program or phase
  • The recommended Focus based on your target Focus and freshness
  • Recommended XSS for your workout, outdoor ride, or virtual ride
  • Whether you need a recovery week
  • The Difficulty you can handle in your training, based on your current training loads and desired improvement rate

With all this information, each workout is scored based on how they best match your current training needs.  From here, the best workouts, favorited activities, and Xert Sessions are chosen and presented as recommended workouts.  When you load the workout into one of the Xert Workout Players (Xert EBC for Android/iOS or Xert Workout Player for Garmin), they are personally tuned to your capabilities and training level automatically, adjusting target intensities on-the-fly, ensuring you reach the right targets as you execute the workout.

Any time that new activities are received, or you update your Training Program Type/Target Event Date,  your Improvement Rate, or just recover, Xert’s adaptive algorithm will readjust the recommendations in real-time, always ensuring you’re on the right track with your training!